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Ag...get into crop dusting. Become a saddle tramp.

I started on my private, soloed in '68 and Ohlone JC had a Commercial Pilot Curriculum that I took classes while in HS. But guys were coming back from Nam with thousands of hours and there wasn't any way to be competitive so I quit flying. Then in '76 I got a job with an ag operation, Trinkle & Boys, Tracy, went in on a Tripacer and had my private within 3 months. Ended up with plenty of time (900 hrs), passed my commercial written, but never got my ticket. Life got in the way.

Fast forward to now, I'm retired and back in ag, for my up coming 3rd season with Jensen in Pingree Idaho. There's a demand for ag pilots, and you're not to old. PAX
You need a crew

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