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Originally Posted by faris1984 View Post
What are the chances that we win/lose the case?
For the en banc portion of this case:

There's a 24.9% chance that there is a ~100% change of winning.

There's a 75.1% chance that there is a ~0% change of winning.

Once the panel gets chosen, sometime over the next couple weeks, we'll have a pretty good idea if it's 100% or 0%.

It's sad that we can make such predictions based solely on the judges' names, but alas... most of the time, we can. Doesn't ultimately matter if the case is well argued by either side, or what their arguments even are; every single judge in the 9th Circuit already knows which way they'll decide if they get chosen for the panel.
AW Reg. will likely be reopened summer '21 to those who weren't able to register by 7/18. We don't know what that means for firearms made compliant when reg. failed or if they can or must be converted to AW configuration before registering. There's a moratorium on prosecutions for possession of AWs which were eligible for registration, but AWs acquired after 2016 can still be prosecuted!
Extremely important note: DON'T register anything acquired after 2016!!!

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