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Originally Posted by The War Wagon View Post
Is that light mountable at 3 o'clock without interfering with the action?

I'm not keen on bolt-on lights on a shotgun. Is there a custom forend with built-in light available for that model?

Looking sharp, otherwise!
WW: yes you could mount the pic rail at 3, 6 or 9 o'clock, and yes Surefire makes a fore end with an integral light, and like all Surefire Products it is priced about 3 times higher than what it is worth, or in this case @$300.

I like the Streamlight and Pic Rail route because the light is easily removable when you don't need it and works well at night. Also it is run by a Treadle Switch on the back of the light which is momentary contact one way and full on the other way.

When using a light at night you need to shut the light off as you come down to the Ready Position. If you don't, the light traces a line on the ground right back to you, so incoming fire can easily locate you. This is where the Momentary Contact feature really works well.

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