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Continued from above...

Both guns have Brown Coat Tactical 6 round Velcro Side Saddles attached to the left side of the receiver. They can be removed from the gun in seconds and replaced in seconds as well. With one on the gun and 2 in your pocket with a loaded gun you'll have 24-26 rounds available to deal with whatever. These are among the best quality products of this type I have seen and the price is right. They come in 2,4,6,and 8 hole versions.

Slings: I make my own slings out of 1.5" wide Nylon Belting just like 5.11 TDU Belts are made from. These are wider than normal and spread the load of the gun out over a larger area so as to decrease the fatigue of a thinner strap.

They are held to the gun using Grove-Tec Limited Rotation Quick Disconnect Swivel Sockets, threaded into the holes in the sides of the stock.
When carrying the gun Cross Body the sling is attached to the outside socket which then keeps the gun pulled into you while standing as opposed to falling away from you. If Conventional Carry is used then the sling is attached to the left side of the stock so once again the gun is held against you while carrying. In either case the gun lays flat against you and requires the least amount on hands on to maintain control of it.

Weapons Lights: both guns have a 3" piece of Pic Rail mounted under the Fore End for mounting a Streamlight TLR-1. You need a light on an HD gun because you will probably need it most at night so you don't shoot your wife or kids. I like these because they are as good or better than anything else out there and reasonably priced. They also are easily removed as you don't need them in the day time.

Now one of the big items: Both guns have had their barrels modified with the Vang Comp Process. . This process consists of lengthening the Forcing Cone in front of the chamber to 3". Backboring the barrel to .745, and the reamer used has the last 2" tapering back down to .730. Also Porting consisting of 62 holes which reduces muzzle rise.

This improves the patterning of Buckshot dramatically. Both guns Pattern Regular 00 Buckshot into 7" at 25 yards which makes Buckshot viable out to 50 yards. This also spreads out the recoil impulse over a longer time and reduces "Perceived Recoil". These guns are a joy to shoot and I can easily shoot 200 rounds in a day with no after effects wearing Shorts and a Tee Shirt.

Now the last item,,, Ammo: There is no need for anything more powerful for HD or actual "Tactical" use, than Regular LOW RECOIL Buckshot or Slugs. I use Federal mostly or my own loaded ammo. For Target Use in the classes we use Walmart 12 ga #8 birdshot loads which are normally $21.74/100,,, hard to beat .22 cents a round. I prefer the Federal Ammo as the crimps are finished better than the Winchester ammo which aids in feeding, but either will suffice.

This is what I do to my Shotguns. You can feel free to use any of my suggestions or all of them, but know this. I am super finicky about all my guns and the way that they interact with my body. I spend lots of time just fondling them and finding all the little hotspots that in a intense training environment will come to the surface and wear holes in you and make you miserable or just annoy the hell out of you.

All these improvements were arrived at after finding inadequacies in previous setups, Strictly Trial and Error. After 5, 2 and 4 day Shotgun Classes at Front Sight and approximately 70+ hours of training. I can go thru a class and not have any bruises or holes worn thru my skin or any discomfort whatsoever. I never wear more than a Tee shirt and Shorts at these classes.

All this started as a result of touching off a couple of High Base Slugs from behind a bale of hay at a local 3 Gun Shoot which resulted in 3 trips to my Chiropractor to get a rib put back in. I swore I was not going to let my ignorance of Combat Shotgun Technique and Setup to persist. I got training and lots of it. My guns evolved to the point where they are a "Joy to Shoot" and don't hurt me. Your's can be like this too, but it is more than just modifying the gun, You need the training to go with IT!!!

Nobody was born knowing how to do anything, you need to be taught everything. That's why we have Parents and Schools!

What this Set Up does for me, is allow me to concentrate on the techniques of gun handling and accuracy that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on with lesser prepared guns. Your guns will evolve just as mine did until you won't be worrying about recoil or any kind of pain. You can’t concentrate on training if you are getting the snot beat out of you every time you pull the trigger. Also going to one class and thinking you are set for life is pretty short sighted. You will need several runs thru to get it as muscle memory takes time to soak in.

I'm going to #6 soon! And I come back seriously better each time. Also Shotgun Classes are by far the most fun, nothing like blasting away at a steel target 15 yards away and seeing it get punished and knowing what kind of power you are dishing out.

Life is too short to put up with ill fitting, or poorly prepared guns.

Hope this helps some of you figure out how to set up these guns.

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