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Originally Posted by jww View Post
I have a Mossberg 500 combo pump with fixed chokes. Would this be allowed on field?
Well minimum barrel length is 24" at TripleB Clays I believe. So bring the long barrel. If it is mod or full choke it will hinder your chances at hitting the target. But if you are a beginner it is better to look good trying to hit the target than actually hitting it. These clinics are about fundamentals and form. Once you catch on the hits will come.

There are loaner shotguns available at the clinics if your request one beforehand to TrapperJohn. What they do is check your eye dominance, length of pull on the stock, cheek weld, and comb height among others. That is all before any shooting starts. Some people find out that they should shoot left handed even though they are right handed in all other aspects. My wife and daughter are among those.

Like I said earlier regarding your choke, it is better to request a loaner. However if you choose to shoot your own gun, they will tell you hitting the target does not matter as long as you are practicing the proper technique while trying.

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