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Originally Posted by Army View Post
RANGE: San Luis Obispo Sportsmans Association (SLOSA)
LOCATION: San Luis Obispo/Morro Bay
TYPE: Outdoor
WEB LINK: SLOSA Range and club
OLL FRIENDLY: Absolutely, and encouraged!
AREAS: 21 covered benches and stand-up. Full trap and skeet. 3 archery lanes(15-30-40yds)
COST: $10 non-members, $5 members for all day (membership starts at $50 annual, and includes the whole family. Multi-year and life member available)

STAFF: 4/4
COMMENTS: Allows .22 to 50BMG. No armor peircing specific ammo. Lots of steel gongs from 125yds out to 475yds, paper targets to 300yds. Most RSO's are retired military, and will only get loud for a safety violation (yellow line, muzzle awareness etc). Seperated handgun and rifle lanes on same range. Two trap and one skeet(from high houses). Range site is also home to the Hogue Action Pistol Range (S&W international shoot, Speed Challenge, Ruger Take-5 Challenge etc). Other Club venues include blackpowder(no modern in-lines allowed at club shoots...pilgrim), Rifle and handgun silhouete (all calibers, out to 500yds for rifle), and Cowboy Action (Home of the internationally fielded John Wayne Shoot....bring enough gun!). LEO, Military, and Boy Scout friendly. Night shooting to 100yds on Thursday night.

Yes, I am a little biased(!) as I am an RSO there when I stay home long enough The website is a little aged, but still has all current info and pics.

I have been to this range numerous times, and I agree as well! A great place to shoot. All range masters are extremely nice, helpful, and willing to help range noobs out.

Growing up I never shot at a real range, we had plenty of property and knew enough people to never need to go to one. I recently moved, and as such now have to go to the range to shoot. I went one day, and explained to the range master that I had never shot at a real range, and he explained SOP to me without making me feel like a fool for not knowing the range ropes.

Another time me and a group of about 14 others went to shoot trap, and about half of the people had never shot real trap before. The lady working there was incredibly helpful explaining everything and very accommodating.

Also, they offer a few free targets (most of them kinda suck, but they're free). The free ones are in a cabinet behind the safety line, probably ones people forget when they leave. They also offer plenty of spotting scopes and bean-bags/supports.

This really is a great range!

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