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Originally Posted by WCGC_RangeManager View Post
Licensed Ammo Vendor here.
Veh. Reg is not an approved form of ID for address verification. If your info doesnít match, you wonít be approved for the transaction. No sale.
If you have a firearm that isnít registered with the state, and you donít mind them knowing you own it (like a .22 you got from your dad), fill out a reg form with the current info, check for $19 and send it to the state.
There is suppose to be a form for ďcorrectingĒ the info Ca has on file for you, but I couldnít locate it.
Everything Iíve read about the basic check, is itís a one transaction item, and wonít update the info the state has for purchases in the future.
I have a friend who lives in an area where they donít deliver mail to the houses. He will probably have to go through the COE process to purchase ammo.
I am really hoping a federal judge puts a stay in place until this can go to federal court. This system is denying access to way to many people.
The Rhode v. Becerra litigation would seem to be a perfect forum to request a preliminary injunction. Don't know why one hasn't been requested, though.
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