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Originally Posted by BigE65 View Post
I was at my local Walmart last night and they posted that they are going to suspend all ammo sales between July 1st and July 11th, resuming on the 12th.

Just curious if Walmart is doing this statewide.

Also the ammo shelves were picked pretty clean about 75% gone.
FWIW I just stopped in the Sim Valley WM and the shelves were full. They also had the sign saying ammo sales not allowed 7/1-11 and the counter guy said they need to get the "system" in and working and employee training for it during that period.

My $.02 is the 11 days of transition is to get the new system in and working vs a part of the new law but I defer to Librarian and details either already known or pending as to "why" the 11 day hiatus.

I doubt any selling location will veer from whatever steps are needed to get the system to say "approved" using a buyers DL. Meaning bringing in various other forms of ID, proof of residency, etc. will mean anything to the seller. They are just complying with the new laws and will follow whatever the steps are in doing so. Basically using only a DL to scan or enter DL # manually into whatever "device" it takes to communicate with Big Brother...

Yeah it is likely to be a major cluster F in rolling this out
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