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Where're you located, generally speaking?

Doesn't look like he's interested, but I base that assumption on the frequency of his posts in this thread. Nothing personal.

As for myself, and though I love the Mojave, I don't like camping in it during the hottest months of the year.

It's nice to see others' interest, though. I'd like to get something together in the fall; maybe 2 or 3 high-clearance vehicles to amble through the area (we would not be the only ones - this kind of thing is now popular), or just north of the 40 in the Mojave Preserve. I've been eyeballin' a few places while scanning Maps.

Meanwhile when my little camp trailer project (5 X 10, one axle) is finished (if it's before fall) I'm going to drag it up to Madera County and tour the Sierra foothills and beyond, but between Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings to avoid the crowds.
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