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Originally Posted by zaternine View Post
Hi SkyHawk,

I have the pistol version in 22lr (I don't live in CA). But I'm moving to CA later. My question is do you think I can move to the state with this pistol as is or do I have to figure out a way to modify it? Do I also have to modify the mag to 10 rounds only?

I'm thinking in my mind this would also apply to AR pistols as well. But I don't want to give up my HK 22lr MP5 pistol. I love that thing. Thank you. -Z
AR pistols as well as this MP5 22LR pistol must be fixed mag, with the mag locked into the receiver in such a way that the firearm must be disassembled to remove the mag.

There is a mag lock device for MP5 9mm, I have no idea if it would work in the 22LR

And mags must be 10rd or blocked to 10rd.

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