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Great place but was by myself and noticed some softer areas not suitable for 4x2 truck.

Yeah, I hear you. You were wise to know when to say when. Always best when new to a remote area to do have two or more vee-hickles.

Do you carry any recovery gear? I do, because I'm also in a 4 X 2 (but 2" higher than how it was first built) and I figure I need to have recovery gear even more than someone who drives a 4 X 4, right? Hee!... Alas, there are places I cannot go into because I know I'm limited by my vehicle.

Right now with the way things are in auto sales, manufacturing and what with parts "supply chain issues" I figure I'm lucky to have what I have. I'd love to trade up to a 4 X 4 but it ain't in the card$ at the moment, so I carry a substantial amount of recovery gear in the event I need to attempt self-recovery.

Like you might, I find the desert to be staggeringly beautiful; always have. It's just now that I'm actually beginning to spend more time in it than just target shooting (and then riding motorcycles over half a lifetime ago). I fitting a Webasto 2000W diesel heater to a 5 X 10 "soft road" cargo/camper conversion trailer for cold-weather camping.

I'd thought of getting a group of 4 X 2 soft-roaders together but I figure it'd just be the blind leading the blind... or that it'd be like fighting with one hand tied... We're riding the short bus of offroading, that's for sure.

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