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Originally Posted by Redhawker View Post
Strange development here. Just wonder what y'all think. I got an email from my credit card company that GOVT PERMITS/CERTIFICATES has refunded my permit fee. I go to the OC Sheriff Carry Conceal Weapons Permit Portal, the one where you can check the status of your permit process and it says "Assigned to Processor / Processing Order" (which it didn't say Friday). The refund was processed Saturday. I've received no email on any change in status, which it says they'd do with any change in status. Ok, I'm officially confused now. Opinions?

Edit: forgot to mention, this is a renewal.
Yeah, although they don't take credit cards online, the site allows it. So if you pay online, they'll just refund it. You'll have to pay in person when you go to pick up your license.


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