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Originally Posted by code_blue View Post
How could your customers inadvertently break the law if the receiving FFL controls/regulates what comes in? The local FFL determines whether or not the firearm is legal and if they can transfer it to the patron. Receivers are completely fine; built or not.

I'm a local FFL that's tried to stock your products like the solid AR/AK hybrid, but your policy to not ship to CA killed that idea. My customers know this as well.

The new ammo regs have nothing to do with FFL03+COE or other exempt folks from importing ammunition into the state. If you've shipped ammo to these persons before, it should not change.

The new regs on 07/01/19 only apply to the local transfer (inside CA) to persons via ammunition dealer or FFL or Private Persons.

PSA shipping private orders to FFL's would only result in the receiving FFL needing to perform the eligibility check when transferring to the otherwise exempt person, which completely voids the point of them being exempt to begin with. They may as well buy directly from the FFL at that point.

Again, CA folks including FFL's on the receiving end are advising your entity, but your entity isn't listening or rather ignoring it.

I get it, it's your business and your rules, but don't go Optics Planet or Sig Store on us and start making up non-sense. If PSA ever refuses to ship an upper or individual components because it has a "flash hider" attached, then I think we're done.

with that said........can you kindly give us even a rough time frame on when your KS-47/AR 9 lowers, full uppers and or full rifle versions of both of these will be back in stock?.....Like are you currently building or restocking components to make available in the next few months?.....Late summer?....maybe FALL? or WINTER???.....Early next year????......Sometimes I wonder if maybe you guys just wait to build a hefty "notify me when in stock" list and then start maufacturing and then releasing based on that list. That way you minimize on having inventory that just sits there.
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