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Originally Posted by pacrat View Post
slamfire1 said;

The bolded is not an accurate depiction of events "AS KNOWN".

OP originally stated in post #3....."Nope, all factory ammo at that time. I have a bunch of it that Iím trying to run through".

And was incorrect as to maker of the ammo in post #22. "I think you can see in the picture it says Winchester on the cartridge that I ended up crying out of the chamber after the kaboom."

Headstamp on Kaboom case was FC not Win or WCC.

OP admitted in post #66; " Iím going to replace the entire BCG and pull down all the 223 I have because Iím not 100% sure it wanít one of my reloads."

In this thread.

OP said this in his opening post.

yup, originally misidenties the headstamp but I'm about 99.99% sure it was factory ammo. the only reason is you never know, one of my rounds could have made it in that can but I doubt it.

anyway, going forward. with the exception of a little green tip I hang on to. I am only using my hand loads with my matching brass.

gave RRA the upper and they returned it with a clean bill of health.

Canít somebody do something?!?!?!?!
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