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Originally Posted by pacrat View Post
slamfire1 said;

The bolded is not an accurate depiction of events "AS KNOWN".

OP originally stated in post #3....."Nope, all factory ammo at that time. I have a bunch of it that Iím trying to run through".

And was incorrect as to maker of the ammo in post #22. "I think you can see in the picture it says Winchester on the cartridge that I ended up crying out of the chamber after the kaboom."

Headstamp on Kaboom case was FC not Win or WCC.

OP admitted in post #66; " Iím going to replace the entire BCG and pull down all the 223 I have because Iím not 100% sure it wanít one of my reloads."

In this thread.

OP said this in his opening post.

You know, when the story keeps changing, it gets real hard to know what is true or not.

And from what I have read, this is a real problem for "eye witness" accounts. Humans think in narratives, and the brain will make up memories, and shuffle them in with the real events, then reorder as necessary, to make a consistent story. And, you will believe what you "remember", even though half of it is false, and the timeline is all wrong.

If it is a reload, then what Randall claims as a failure mechanism is the most probable cause.

I don't trust other people's reloads. Seen too many of them cause malfunctions during highpower matches. And then, everyone should own a bullet puller. I have worn several out!
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