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Originally Posted by MrFancyPants View Post
Yep, it's not just this forum, it's worldwide. Times will only get harder for Christians in the coming years/decades, or however long God allows the madness to continue. Stay strong in your faith, we know who wins in the end, but it'll be a painful road for many.

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Yes, in total Christianity is under attack by the media, the government, on social media, from protesters, etc... Nothing new there. I work with 2 Pastors and they donít even share the gospel at work (they preach on the weekends). Why? Itís not allowed. If someone complains theyíll be reprimanded at the very least. Theyíll invite you to church and answer your Bible question, but thatís about it.

As the CG membership grows thereís just going to be more people on here that donít identify as Christian. With the Covid-19 youíre seeing moderate and even liberal people starting to purchase firearms. Why? People that were on the fence or never thought about buying a gun have now figured out that they need to do something to protect their families and themselves.

Iíve convinced a few liberal/moderate people to become gun owners. I simply tell them that the government wonít protect you and it takes the police 5 minutes to reach you. I know a lot of people who have guns who donít talk about it because of the negative portrayal of gun owners by politicians and the media.
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