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Originally Posted by Rez805 View Post
Happy to hear this!

I'm tied-in with the Cal Poly Marksmanship Club as an alum. The Cal Poly Marksmanship Club has been going since 2014 and it's still going strong.

Check out the club's FB page:

Hopefully the existing clubs (SJSU, Cal Poly, UC Davis, Gaucho Tactical) can get together and do something fun. We have a great range right in our backyard and would be happy to host.

Never a dull moment with these kids! So if you're linked to a local College/University please get involved. You'll probably see a student at the range sporting something from their school. Ask them if they have a club on campus. There are grants that the school can get through the NRA and NSSF. We've arranged dedicated range time at our local range (along with a Club Safe and Club Guns) and I help get the students prepared for the weekend matches.
Awesome! Gave you guys a like.

One of my club officers is close to one of the leaders over there. We have been tossing ideas around for a joint shoot, or competition maybe. Can't wait!
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