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Originally Posted by russelljohnson View Post
I definitely understand the landscape we're in right now. Yes, I've emailed numerous times and asked what information they need to ship but the front line reps don't provide any substantial information regarding the delays.

That being said, somebody from PA corporate reached out and advised they are requiring CA FFLs to approve transfers before they ship. So it looks like some backend communications between PA and the local FFL was lost or delayed, causing the hold on the order.

It would have been more fruitful if they communicated that requirement up front.
That IS annoying but it sounds like it could also partially be your FFL's fault, not Primary Arms.

I have paid a little more in transfer fees from some places ( to use FFL's already on their "appoved" list just to avoid these types of hassles.

But yeah, that requirement of getting an FFL's approval, while understandable, is quite annoying. But I don't see why it should take longer than a 30 second phone call. Not sure if it's Primary Arms fault or your FFL's fault for the delay though. Have you contaced your FFL also? Did they get any communication from Primary Arms? Is your FFL trustworthy? Do you have a relationship with them?

Regardless, thanks for the heads up on this. Putting even more hoops for CA gun buyers to jump through is just insane on a retailer's part and bad customer service IMO.
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