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I also use the apostles creed for specific points, but if I were to say by my own words, basically a Christian is one who follows what Christ wanted us to do and applies it to life.

Jesus didn’t suffer, getting ripped to shreds by scourging , and getting tortured and killed for nothing...he suffered for the sins of the people of the world past present and future...(for God exists at all time, and knows all things).

He suffered in retribution for sins that we could never repay and so it was he who became the lamb of sacrifice.

The Christian knows this, and knows that this was the ultimate show of love...laying his own life down for us lowly people. Therefore what we do for him, is what he asks of us in return, and the reason we should do it is because we Love God in return, and in our knowledge how much he loves us.....

We deny our selfishness and put others before us, for the reward we do not expect in this life. In this life, when you follow God you suffer some...but always knowing that nobody understands better than the lord, about suffering....we suffer silently, we do good silently, and not to show off, and get our reward now as recognition from others, but patiently know our reward comes after this life, for the one who sees our merits is the One who dies for our shortcomings.

And it is our job to help others to God, and get to heaven ultimately, especially those with whom we are close, like our spouses and children and friends

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