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Shonie bought some armor from us a while back and he clearly exceeded what they're rated for. Just because these are armored steel targets does NOT mean they're invincible. He tried to go after us on eBay with some bogus claims and this is his last attempt at trying to make himself feel better about the situation.

These are 3/8" AR500 steel targets. ALL of our AR500 comes in well above 500 on the BHN. We have material test reports that come with each and every batch of steel we purchase.

We're a very reputable company, and we stand behind everything that we offer. However, these are SHOOTING TARGETS, and they're not invincible. Shoot within our advertised specifications and these will last a long, long time. I have targets with literally tens of thousands of impacts from XM193 at well within our advertised recommended shooting parameters and they're still in great condition.

Odd how Shonie's only post on this site is with a bogus complaint about our targets. We bend over backwards to please our customers. However, the customer is clearly not always right.
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