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Default Poor Performance-Ripped Off


For those of you looking to purchase AR500 plates, please be warned about the AR500+ plates that Target Man LLC sells. I bought a set of round 3/8" 8", 10" and 12" AR500 plates off this guy from Ebay for $89.95. I took them out to the range to try them out when I got them. They held up fine to my .223 and 30-30 at 200 yards.

***See Photo***

I wanted to see how they stood up to my 7mm Rem Mag at 200 yards, so I gave them a few shots and the bullets went right through the plates and cratered them as well. I load up a super light 7mm load: 39gn Hornady bullet, 49.5gn charge of H-414. This load is rated at 2702fps according to the Layman reloading data. The Target Man rates his 3/8" AR500+ plates at 3200fps or less at 100 yards or more "With ANY Lead". Even if I went with the max charge specified at 58gn of H-414 rated at 3017fps, that load is still below his max 3200fps stated in his listing. His stated AR500+ specs of 3200fps is the main reason why I bought from him.

I contacted this so-called "Target Man LLC" about what happened with his AR500+ plates, attached pictures of the holes and craters and that I felt ripped off. He claims that his AR500+ plates are every bit rated for what he states in his listing and they have the scientific proof (which I was never given), he further stated that my 7mm exceeded his specifications of his plates even after I gave him my 7mm data load specs stating they were lower than his AR500+ specs.
I after a couple more messages back and forth about the issue, in the end I was called childish, unreasonable, having careless shooting habits, and people like me are the problem with Ebay. I then proceeded the refund process with him and he escalated it to Ebay for resolution because he refused to issue a refund.

After a couple of days I got an email from Ebay stating that they had decided in favor of the seller. I called Ebay to appeal and they refused to even go through the appeal process and further stated they will side with the seller. To be totally honest, I'm not too upset about losing $90, it's the principle and the fact that this guy is selling a product that does not perform to what he states and can continue to rip people off.

So if any of you are looking to purchase AR500 plates, please be aware of The Target Man LLC AR500+ plates.

On a side note, if his AR500 plates don't perform to spec, I'd hate to be wearing his Spartan body armor in a "REAL" situation.
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