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i reload using the cheapest bullets 8 cents or so each and win 748 or tac and my powder load comes out to be about 13 cents primer is what about 3 cents so i am busting my butt to make ammo for about the same price as you could buy wolf

but sometimes wolf was failing to eject untill i clean the chamber my reloads have yet to fail me i am only shooting random cans and other range garbage

i started out reloading 45 acp and then 30 carbine when it got to expensive

223 and 308 which are about the same process but 308 costs double the bullet costs twice as much and it uses double the powder

the act of trimming and deburring adds more labor
lubing the cases then cleaning the lube is also another step

its worth it to me

i use the possum hollow trimmer its adequatly consistant for my use
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