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Originally Posted by knucklehead0202 View Post
I haven't been to a show in years. Bought a good part of my collection at Costa Mesa but the registration thing shot it all to s**t like I figured it would. Might go to the next one just to scout ammo, components or maybe some parts, but won't likely be buying any rifles. John's right, California just screwed this hobby left, right, and center. Sad too, that the gun shows suffer for it as well. I don't want dreamcatchers or AR crap, I want ugly old guns!
Last Nov I walked out with my Arisaka for $250. Only rifle I bought at a show. Sad I won't walk out with others

Originally Posted by Enfield47 View Post
John, I've found it best to just order that stuff online. You get a better selection and can shop while it's on sale.
Xmas present to myself was almost $100 spent on ammo off Graffs. Bought all the Sale stuff FTW

I'd go to the show for bayos, but I'd much rather have the time to research and find the right one off GB and maybe not get gouged

Originally Posted by NOTABIKER View Post
sadly i think my interest has peeked in our hobby.A gun show three years ago was like Christmas. i would take maybe 400 bucks and just run out of money. i never bought a C&R at a gun show but i lusted over them all. now i can miss going and it is no big deal. like all my interest i went overboard and burnt out. Last year i sold guns i thought i would never sell.
I'm right there with you, NAB. There are rifles I want, but no more space. I have nothing I want to sell. This is prob a good thing. Buy some ammo here and there, finally start reloading... maybe. I think I'm done with buying rifles for now
March 29- April 5, 2019- The Million Mag March. Thank you, Judge Benitez and all the vendors

Originally Posted by ThemBastards View Post
Judging from the last shoot I think we are the wrong group to ask about sighting in Mosins haha.
Originally Posted by knucklehead0202 View Post
I don't want dreamcatchers or AR crap, I want ugly old guns!
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