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Default Does this count as a straw purchase?

Asking for a friend

My friend and his father are both legally allowed to and have purchased many firearms in california no problem. The father recently purchased a pistol and came across a very rare pistol for sale. Since the father just purchased a pistol and california has the 30 day period for pistols, does it count as a straw purchase if the father purchases the pistol and has the son dros the pistol then later on doing an intrafamiliar transfer via the online cfars system? The father has been looking for this pistol for a very long time and does not want to lose the chance of owning it. They already asked the dealer if they would hold the pistol if the father pays in full but the dealer is not willing to do so. They thought about going the intrafamiliar transfer route I just mentioned but I advised them it would probably be considered a straw purchase and the dealers wouldent allow it.
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