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Originally Posted by Citizen_B View Post
That's true, but that's not to say competitive shooting doesn't help proficiency in defensive shooting. "Real world" guys bring in top competitive shooters to train them as part of a larger program. Top level competitors have fined tuned the mechanics of shooting in a way defensive shooting doesn't focus on. Cynically, I think the good doc will do whatever brings in more cash/members.
Agreed on all counts.

No doubt competitive shooting is some awesome training for gun handling. I've progressed as a shooter by leaps and bounds in the last year + a few months because I started shooting USPSA. 2 and 4-day defensive handgun is practically nothing compared to USPSA. TH and ATH are fun and challenging, but the shoot houses and scenarios they run you through in TH/ATH is really mind blowing. Tactics and strategy from there are WAYYYY more important than leveling up your classification in USPSA, imo.
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