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Default The Fighting 5%

So those of you that have gotten this email, already know this, but for those who didn't the points / credits are now becoming worthless. We can't use them in the Pro shop because there is no merch. The only thing of value is the yearly $50 background check or the machine gun fun shoot.

My case in point, I didn't respond last month to the latest offer. After a bunch of last day, last hour, last minute emails, I get one this morning saying I have another chance to double, triple, 4x, etc. my account. But here is the icing on the cake.

"Here's the original e-mail I sent in July. Take advantage of it at the highest level you can OR simply select the $100 level of participation to receive ONE MILLION Credits/Patronage Points placed into your Front Sight account and I will order and deliver your Fighting 5 Percent pin and hat."

There you have it. A million credits for $100. Finally an actual value on the points/credits.
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