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Originally Posted by IrishJoe3 View Post
Just got back from the sandbox. It's truly incredible how incompetent higher levels of army leadership are.

I was in awe. That is all.
I'm heading to the sand box in a few months. And I'll tell you I'm not looking forward to it at all. It's only Kuwait and it's not a deployment as my CO is calling it.

We have a ton of slick sleeve officers who will no doubt go somewhere and get their patch with actually not doing anything outside other than getting there.

I did a stateside mob and that actually wasn't that bad. Bliss is certainly better than Kuwait. I went to Iraq 15 years ago and that was an actual deployment. This next one to Kuwait does not sit well with me I don't have the "warm and fuzzy" about it. I've been in for too long to give a crap as well.

As Snoopy has pointed out the Reserves is abusing their people to the point of what the law allows. That is no joke. It's actually stupid to have Reserve or Guard meet AD standards for deployment .

People have jobs, family, hobbies and the like.

The requirements for deployment are actually idiotic. I saw how that was when I was at Bliss I thought it was insane from my side just setting some of it up. Now I'm part of that side. It's more than necessary IMO. I went to Desert Shield with less and OIF as well. Today nope.

The USAR is broken beyond repair. The CAR has allowed this to happen for decades now.

The new PT test is another mess that Reserve and Guard will have to deal with. Another good idea fairy program that is in search of a problem instead of solution.

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