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Originally Posted by ChampCarStar View Post
Even if you don't want to go to the Olympics you could be part of their Service Rifle team, or the Action Pistol Team. Whatever floats your boat.
I looked into the USAR Team, and there are considerable constraints. Mainly, it's an "Additional Duty". And when push comes to shove, getting orders to go to a match isn't always a given.

Being an officer complicates it. Not that I would be put in charge of anything, but as an additional duty I'm not likely going to be allowed to use up my 2 weeks a year training time to go to large matches, and using up my monthly drill days will be along the same lines.

Whereas it's much easier for an NCO or lower enlisted (so long as they are not a Platoon SGT or 1SG) to talk their way into being allowed to use up drill days and annual training days to go to matches so long as they are green on all their required training and medical.

It's all about being a good competitor with the ability to have the time duty wide, and personal life wise.

Was kind of hoping being on the team I could straight up shoot competitions as my Monthly Drill, and 2 week training events.

Then I'd throw all sorts of practice time, and focus on the effort.
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