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Default That's what I had to do

Originally Posted by Creampuff View Post
Several years ago there was a pristine West German p226 on cosignment for $750. No way it was going to stay on the shelves long. I was just lucky to be there when they were just placing it up for sale.

I paid for it outright, and came back in 30 days to do the DROS.

Thank you for your reply. In fact thank you all.

What you described is what I had to do because this revolver was in good shape and the guy in front of me was still eye balling it! Good thing my number put me ahead of him by one person and so That's how I got it! I'll be back in 30 days to start the DROS and return to get it ten days afterwards to pick it up. I should have it in my hands by mid February.

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