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Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
Nothing stopping you from becoming a WA resident "independent" of military orders.

Just rent a place out, walk down to the DMV with lease in hand and surrender your CA DL. Poof done. You just kind of have to say in place for a while. Should have done that from the start, sounds like you would have had plenty of legit time. If you got an off post residence then you could keep all your guns there without having to ask anyone.

Then on a bright side, I've been looking for cushy command slots and I found one in the bay area CA. No MTOE, and basically not deployable. It is Branch Immaterial, however MEDICAL immaterial. That sounds like it's right up your alley.
Thanks! I looked into this. I still have my place in CA and would hate to pay for another here. To get the needed residency docs (car registration, insurance, utiliy bills, voter registration, change of address forms) i'd have to jump through a bunch of hoops without a place of my own and still couldn't legally bring back any off roster guns to CA.

If you take that command position and have an open 05A or 65B O4 slot let me know. I'll probably be here for several more months so a command spot for me is probably not feasible until I get out of here.
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