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Thanks for the well-wishes. I created this thread just to pick on Snoopy's "Best year ever" thread. I'm not feeling too sorry for myself. While everything I mentioned is true, it's not all that bad. I've got my own room in the barracks thanks to COVID. You'd think this was the Airforce! I've got a kitchen, dishwasher, my own washer and dryer, pretty comfy. Also luckily for me we did the second MRI. There were a couple of things I had resolved to live with, like my "pimp walk" and crunching in the knee. So the new findings explain this and now I get a "do-over".

Sort of like your friend, I don't have an impressive/intense story to tell about how I got injured. A stupid accident during straight forward activity. At the time the local civilian ortho doc told me it was because I "didn't warm up", SOB, hahaha!

The first thing I did when I got to WA was look into buying a firearm. That's a No-Go. All of my orders are TCS, even my medical orders are "assigned to my CA unit" but "attached" to the WA SRU (SRU is Soldier Recovery Unit, the new PC name for the former WTB/WTU). Looks like they have a beautiful range here, goes out to 300 yards I think, and it's $10 or 15 to shoot all day. Lots of local gun shops too. Lots of outdoor activities here as well, although it rains every day all day. And I am convinced everyone hates Californians. When I got here and in-processed, the guy in the mail room looked at my info card and straight up said "You're from California? I don't like Californians!"
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