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I have a problem. Whenever I want to go to my ad I hit and it will appear in two different formats. One where it's a long single line format and it tells me my number of views and always allows me to find my edit logo. Messages in one long single line works every time. Sometimes however, when I go to it appears in a very short little ad format, usually two or three lines in length,with no edit feature showing. When the single line format is used, my ability to edit works every time. With the long line presentation format I can always find the edit feature(logo) & with the short condensed two or three line version I can never find the edit logo (feature). I would like to know how to get to my ad for the edit logo in a quick and easy manner. I had some difficulty a couple days ago, so I went through marketplace and than to handguns. Now today, it won't let me go to marketplace. Is there a special way where I can always go to and the one long single line pops up. The one long single line format works every time for me and allows me to edit my ad and also to bump my ads. I'm sorry for the silly question, but I just need a quick easy way to get to the edit feature. Respectfully, Dan.
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