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I lap all steel rings! Does it do any good, I don't know. But it eliminates the possibility. Shooting to me has a certain about of head games to it, so eliminating every variable I can just helps my head.

Got into a debate with a Leupold tech about lapping rings when I asked if they could supply a 34mm lapping bar. They tried to tell me their rings were near perfect and did not need lapping..... Really....

After having a 34mm bar ground from an old rail gun barrel, I lapped the 34mm Leupold rings, they were not round and had high spots.

I have lapping bars for 1" 30mm, & 34mm.

Pay the shipping and promise to return it, you can borrow it.

The 1" and 30mm were cheap to make, just order the bar stock from McMaster Carr and a handle. The 34mm was a different story, had to have one ground.

Drill a hole, tap, screw in the handle and you are ready to go.

I lap with four different compounds, 300 grit, 600 grit, 1200 grit, and Ultra Bright Tooth paste.

I can post a picture of what I made when I get home if you would like, they are easy.

PM me if you want to borrow mine.
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