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Originally Posted by MarikinaMan View Post
Iím in West LA. Iíve got the Wheeler tool kit.

75 bucks cash deposit, get 65 back on return. Shipped at your cost. Pick up ok.

Iíve lapped a few rings. All of them showed high and low spots. Some more than others. You clamp down on imperfectly mounted or made rings, never seen perfect ones, you run the risk of torquing the scope tube. What happens when itís torqued? Tracking can be affected. ďcanĒ not do sho.

Some designs, like some vertical splits rings from Warne and Aero Precision donít benefit from lapping due to the way they clamp down.
I was typing my reply when Markina Man replied.

For only ten bucks plus shipping, that might be your best bet audiopro.
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