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Originally Posted by audiopro74 View Post
And logically, if itís not compressed, you know you donít have good contact. Which would require lapping.

Running matched rings, thereís varying opinion on whether they need to be lapped. This could be used as an indicator.

And yes I know, lapping is always better. Iíve got plastigage in the tool box, but not a scope lapping tool.
I agree with you on the above point, especially if you have a matched set from a reputable manufacturer.

Not being a professional on this subject, I believe that if you paid good money for a set of matched rings and find that there is uneven pressure being applied to your scope tube, it is most likely a result of tolerance stacking where something else just isn't fitting together right.

So if you choose to lap the rings to accommodate the inconsistency of the poorly fitted parts, you no longer have a matched set of rings. You've just modified them to fit the combination of tolerance inconsistencies in your build.

Like I wrote in my first reply, sometimes lapping may be the best option for some situations though. For instance, what if the problem is with the receiver? The cost to have a 'smith strip your gun down to just the receiver and match the surfaces would be a heck of a lot more than the cost of a lapping bar for your rings. That's for damn sure.

If that were the case, I'd spend the coin and get a good lapping kit. Personally, I'd buy the Kokopelli Accurizing Kit and be done with it.
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