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Originally Posted by sigstroker View Post
Did you read somewhere this was a good idea? The point of lapping is to have even contact along the whole surface of the ring. The plastigage won't tell you anything about that because if there are high spots, you won't be able to tell. Those high spots won't compress.
I've never read of using plastigage for this application, it's just something I've done to see if the mating surface is uniform.

If the flattened plastigage isn't uniform in it's spread I'd attribute that to imperfections in the machining of the rings.

At that point I'd consider lapping the rings, especially if I've done everything in my control to ensure proper fit starting at the receiver and working up.

I'll be mounting up my scope this weekend. Over the years I've mounted several scopes and have never found it necessary to lap a set of rings yet. That's been my experience, I'm no world class marksman, but I shoot reasonably well.
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