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Originally Posted by desertrider View Post
I'm in the same boat right alongside you right now.

I recently bought a used 700P (PSS?) in .308 and I'm in the process of scoping it right now. I'm using a bunch of old components that I happen to have on hand.

Rem 700 action - Leupold MK IV one piece steel rail - Badger Ordnance steel rings - SWFA SS 10x42 scope.

I know I will have a tolerance stacking situation since there is a very slight gap between the receiver and rail at the back of the receiver. I'll bed the rail to correct that this weekend though.

Once I'm satisfied with the rail bedding, I'll use some green plastigage on the ring surface to look for any abnormalities in fit once the cap screws are torqued.
That should be a nice shooter. Are used to shoot my uncles PSS, that was his competition gun in the Navy. Love that thing! Im waffling back-and-forth on lapping the rings, as I bought a nice set of matched MDTs. I like the idea with the plastic age though, I may try that. My alignment is perfect, my only concern is mating surface. So I guess Ill see.
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