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Originally Posted by harbormaster View Post
My employer uses quickbooks pro and the migration to an online quickbooks isn't in the cards it just doesn't seem to have the capacity as that which we use loaded on our server. Our server is old. It needs to be replaced. We use three programs:

A proprietary database application on
Office Pro including most of the applications.
That is pretty much it.

We are interested in seeing if we can copy and run the database application to a cloud base program like Azure and then host quickbooks and Office on our desktops.

So I'm in Stockton area and looking for an IT pro to help me save some money and get this done? Anyone here capable? It seems like we're too small an operation for the IT companies around.
Lots of good responses here. MHO, is that "The Cloud" is just a fancy term for "Someone ELSE'S computer". Do you REALLY want to trust your data to "someone else's" computer?

I'd think LONG and HARD about that one.
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