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Without getting into the weeds too far, I've run (managed and developed) private clouds based on ESX, KVM, Xen, Docker, Kubernetes, Chef, and a whole smattering of third party tech, including virtulized switching and net on net topologies. I've spec'd hardware for running 1000 instances per host and the storage required. I have a bit of experience.

My 30 second read of a single application (a database) migrating to the cloud for supposed cost savings and ease of maintenance doesn't add up for the reasons mentioned.

The cost structure of AWS et al. is cheaper only if you compare it to typical leases for premesis or DC equipment, the accounting necessary and the myriad fees associated with access, transit and maintaining your stack.

If you are on-prem and have a single stack, rarely, if ever do the numbers work out in your favor.

As for security, when you have more technology and products interacting, the exposure goes up geometrically. Do you get indemnification for breaches through the provider's network stack or hypervisor exploit?

As for manageability, I agree, with the right skill set it can be easier, but templatizing server builds and application deployment is not trivial and utterly unnecessary for a single DB.

In the OP's situation, please list the benefits of going to a cloud-based model.
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