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Originally Posted by -hanko View Post
You do not need to be "rich" to have an attorney and / or a just need to have half a brain to tell you that the attorney's or CPA's bill is worth the savings in taxes to you down the line.

My CPA charged ~$300 this year to generate and electronically file my federal and Idaho taxes. That covers income from investments, work, and agricultural endeavors. I bring in the records, talk to my CPA for half an hour or so, and come back about 2 weeks later to pay...the returns are filed the same day. Any issues with the returns and the CPA takes care of business and not a point of reference I've had zero issues with the IRS or state of Idaho in > 15 years.

As to attorneys...mine took care of a family trust for ~ $1500. If you think it's better to do your own via the internet for free, realize you get what you pay for.
Not really the point I'm making I'm middle class have the trust and all that
But I'm talking REAL wealth and lawyers and CPA's
The kind that have Amazon grossing billions and paying zero taxes. the entities that state says their going after but who will dodge it all.
I mean Amazon, Bloomberg, Steyer and their ilk will Never pay that 70% tax on the wealthy the Democrats are talking about. You sound like you've done well and I commend that, but I'm guessing you are not in the billions of annual revenue group to avoid paying any taxes so I imagine you're feeding the beast wherever you live. I'll hope its a conservative beast.
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