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Aloha sloksig !

You might be able to find a clearer easy to understand answer if you do a search for how to 'leave itrader feedback" but I will try to go over the basics.

To the right side, top and side of every post any member makes you'll see some information about the member like their location, when they've joined and how many post they've made.

Right below that info. you'll see the word
" itrader" and a blue number. Click on that blue number and it should take you to the page where you'll see some information about that members past buying and selling ratings. Somewhere on that page is the "leave itrader rating" for whoever it is.

You click on that and if you've made a deal with that person you follow the instructions, including leaving a link to the page where the deal was made, and bingo you've left them a positive, a neutral or a negative I traitor rating.

Hopefully they remember to leave you and I traded rating and if they don't it's okay to ask them to do it but don't be too pushy because some people either don't want to or they never get around to it, they don't know how or they have something personal against it.

For instance when you see people with itrader ratings I guarantee most of them had many more sales and deals than it's showing.

I hope that helps and welcome aboard.

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