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The 'flack' from the 'sleezebag' NY Lawyers and politicians seems to be richly deserved. The 'Royalty' of the NRA have run it is their personal fiefdom for a generation. Why because they're the 'NRA' and who's gonna' say otherwise. They, like our political class, have capitulated entirely to the interests of the industry. The NRA has staked out such extremist policy positions, again serving the interests of the industry, that the majority of their membership doesn't even support them. These policy positions are, to my thinking, precisely what has lead the rest of the population of the US to see anyone that owns a gun as a 'gun nut'. They've ignored and knowingly and with full intention violated dozens of laws governing non-profits, co-mingling of funds, transfer & use of those funds etc. for equally long. There's an old saying about the law 'traveling on a leaden foot but striking with an iron fist'. It is only because it is the NRA that this took so long to happen.

No one but the NRA is to blame for what is happening to the NRA. It just couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people too.

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