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Originally Posted by harbormaster View Post
Clearly if infected you don't really want to go to a hospital unless its dire right? You'd like to be able to "treat" the symptoms and survive the virus at home? I'm single so if I discovered symptoms at home I'd only call for help if I couldn't breath and would want to try and mitigate symptoms and let it take its course at home.

It seems to me like the snake oil salesmen are coming out of the wood works with the price gouging surgical mask sellers right now. I'm not a "big" holistic care kind of person I like real solutions; vitamins, staying hydrated and such I can see being beneficial. What I'm totally at LOSS on here is what would I have in my preparations to get through having the virus? Chicken soup? Vitamin C, Zinc? What should people be stocking up on?
Chicken broth and canned soup is always good to have around. I am going to buy some powdered Gatorade as I don't expect there to be issues with water. I have surgical gloves, goggles (different ones but most definitely you want those with indirect venting). Have procedure masks in case someone gets infected. But given the transmission rate I don't think you can ever be safe from infection. You just have to hope that as the virus mutates natural selection will reduce the mortality rate. Of course, we still do not know what that is though the "plague ship" should give us a very good idea.
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