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Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
I am finding that out. Someone recognized me from another GSSF event. I did three this year, and from what it looks like I can do five of them next year.

Thatís all I mainly have going on for 2019 (all the CA ones and Reno).

Iíve been plotting the GSSF data of those that shoot faster than me and to measure my next performance goals. You all are in that data set.

I wont have a fancy shooting team shirt. I am however on the look out for an obnoxiously loud Snoopy shirt appropriate for shooting in.
It's been a couple of years since we have made the trip up to Reno, but it was always a fun match. A little cold, and windy at times, but fun nonetheless.

You should also look at Tucson, AZ (around October) they had a decent turnout of Masters this year. Not quite the 10 needed for a Performance gun in each division, but better then past years.

Crunching the data can certainly tell you a lot. Another thing to consider is that there are many versions of both 52G, and M and the different versions can change the performance times quite a bit. For example, in Azusa they run 52G V2, and the first couple of years it went out to 25yds, but the last couple of years they've brought it in to 20yds to help the stage flow a little better, but it also makes the courses that much easier.

M is also V3 or V4 with a single pepper popper which also makes for slight faster string times.

Either of those small variations could skew your data.
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