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Originally Posted by Mayor McRifle View Post
I own a GSG-made SIG Sauer 1911-22 with one of these accuracy upgrade kits installed. It's easily the worst gun I've ever owned.

The upgrade kit isnít what I was talking about. A fully upgraded CWA GSG is what I was talking about as seen in my posts above. Do you have the CWA complete upper?

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Originally Posted by 1911Luvr View Post
I beg to differ. The full length dust cover rail makes a world of difference in the "when I run out of bullets I'm going to beat you to death with the pistol" look that causes bad guys to run in fear, and lesser men to feel inadequate. It looks just plain beastly and the extra heft up front does help manage recoil a bit better. Plus, an angel told me that when God called JMB to heaven it was to build him a full rail 1911!
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