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Originally Posted by creampuff View Post
I had the exact same problem, but you aren't going to like my solution. The tolerances are too tight with the CWS accessories. Not their fault, they make their products consistently. However the GSG is pot metal lottery. Take a look at the extractor carefully and watch as it goes into battery. When I had the CWS accessories in place, the extractor would catch on the groove and cause the slide to not go into battery until you give it a gentle nudge.

I didn't want to file the groove so it was my excuse to buy the CWS barrel. The new barrel mated perfectly with the groove.

But like I said, you won't like my solution. Buying a $150 barrel for a $300 gun is probably not ideal. I enjoy shooting the modified GSG so I guess it was worth it.

Next time you the chance - look at the barrel placement when you are using the original bushing and the barrel screw versus, no barrel screw and the CWS bushing. The CWS bushing is great because it is consistent unlike the when you use the barrel screw when it varies by how much you torque it down. But the CWS bushing places the barrel just a hair bit higher. That is enough to offset the location of the extractor relative to the extractor groove.

side note: youtube etc will say, use fine grit sandpaper to remove overspray from the slide rails. I did that. But still did not solve the slide not going into battery.

If the extractor alignment is the problem and you have verified this, you can tune the bottom of the extractorís front edge with a file to put an angle on it that will allow the extractor to ride over that tiny point of contact. Itís not the ideal solution as it places a small amount of upward tension on the extractor, but if the interference is only 1 or 2 thousandths (which it likely is), this should fix it for you.

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Originally Posted by 1911Luvr View Post
I beg to differ. The full length dust cover rail makes a world of difference in the "when I run out of bullets I'm going to beat you to death with the pistol" look that causes bad guys to run in fear, and lesser men to feel inadequate. It looks just plain beastly and the extra heft up front does help manage recoil a bit better. Plus, an angel told me that when God called JMB to heaven it was to build him a full rail 1911!
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