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Default GSG 1911-22; Added the CW accessory kit, having some issues. (mostly fixed)

Hey all. I've reached out to CW on this, just wanted to see if anyone else had run into this in the past.

I bought a GSG 1911-22 on sale at Turners back in May and I've had 700 rds through it since then.

I decided to get the CW Accessories 'Performance Accelerator Package" seen here: to tighten up the gun a bit.

Upon firing a single round, the slide fails to return all the way forward into battery, preventing the next round from firing. I have to manually nudge the slide forward to get the gun into battery to fire.

 If I pull the trigger having not done that, the hammer stops just short of the firing pin (I don't remember what the rimfire equivalent of that part is called, forgive me).

I examined the pistol at home and it seems as if the bushing may be the issue. With the stock barrel bushing, the slide returns to battery consistently. With the new CW bushing, the slide seems to hang up on the very last bit of travel. Pushing the slide forward manually results in an audible ‘click’ of the slide going into battery and a visible forward travel of somewhere between 1/16 and 1/32 of an inch. 

Anyone else have this issue? As said I've reached out to CW for a solution. Maybe I got a bad part? The guide rod seems to function perfectly with the stock bushing in there.

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