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Originally Posted by mit31 View Post
Keep in mind that they (the audience) are being told via all media outlets that Kavanaughs appointment will mean the end of all human rights as they know them... and they believe it. This is the problem with whipping the public up into a frenzy.
More than "whipping the public into a frenzy" - the problem is people not thinking for themselves...

If more people gathered facts on their own and not from TV talking heads, the frenzy would be less and common logic would be much greater.

Big money is made by telling people what to think. People need to wake up and think for themselves - if we are ever going to have reasonable approaches to problems.

The US has been a society that thrives on drama for quite a while... As long as there is hunger for drama - people will feed off it rather than make serious decisions based on self enlightenment... Too much of life is a game to (many) people... Many would rather complain and protest about stuff than truly understand it and make logical decisions.
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