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Start zeroing at 10 feet, by shooting at a target in front of a trap that you can't miss. Then at 10 yards. Then at 25 yards, or whatever range you care about. You can even do this standing offhand.

When you are close, you can refine your zero off a steady rest. If shooting a spring air rifle, groups off a bench will often be shifted compared to offhand or field expedient rests. They will often be wider rested unless you place you open hand between rest and forearm.

A bore sighter is not magic. Barrel whip is going to force you to refine your sight setting anyway. Even with a PCP. If you use a bore sighter, then shoot at 50 yards, you could be off by a foot.

Bore sigters are a waste of money. They are intended for those who think you can buy good results, rather than figure out simple techniques that are actually better.

By the way, you would get more focused advice, if you state what air rifle you are trying to zero. What sight/scope, and the height above the bore. Or you could just buy another bore sighter...
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