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It is possible to move the shoulder back. It goes like this: a fired case has the shoulder here, and we need it to be there. So we bump the location of the shoulder using a sizing die. It works. You can measure the case before and after.
I have asked you to 'think about it', that did not work; I have tried to motivate you to think. Nothing works. I have tried to get you to remove your hands from your pockets and keyboard. Nothing works.

I can shorten the length of a case from the shoulder to the case head; I have never been able to shorten the length of the case from the shoulder to the case head by moving the shoulder back; it is impossible to move the shoulder of a case back. It is impossible to move the shoulder back without bulging the case at the shoulder/case body juncture "because the case is not allowed to bulge because the full length sizer die has full case body support.

F. Guffey
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